Stereoscopic Video (series)

Body-mapped projections, Stereoscopic Video

Andrea Santini & Francesca Sarah Toich ©2015

With Francesca Sarah Toich & Dragana Milosevic.


The work explores the approach to and role of the artistic nude and sensuality in art through centuries and cultures from a contemporary perspective, re-elaborating pictorial works that see the female body as a symbol of voluptuousness and divine proportion. Each video (Chapter) is based on a specific paining or work.

The body of models is used as a moving canvas, a dynamic screen, that vivifies, transforms and deforms the digital (body-mapped) projections of the chosen works, which are then filmed and reproduced with stereoscopic 3D techniques. The videos are then viewed through stereoscopic viewers, referencing both a typically Victorian tradition as well as emerging trends in virtual reality.

Chapters currently available (pls contact us for details).

Chapter I: The Garden of Earthly Delights Hieronymus Bosch, 1500-1505

Chapter II: Four Books on Human Proportion Albrecht Dürer, 1528.

Chapter III: ‘Nude’ Giorgione, 1508.

Chapter IV: Virgin of Melun, Jean Fouquet, 1450.

Project developed with support from the Academy of Fine Arts, Venice.

Selected images have been sourced from the Academy’s Historic Arhcives.